Airmail • Feature List

Feature List

Airmail 2.0

- New Design
- New Today Extension
- New Airmail Share Extension
- New Airmail Plugins support
- New iCloud Accounts Sharing
- New Draft Engine
- New Import-Export Account Settings
- New Account Google OAUTH
- New iCloud Drop Attachments
- New Exchange Sync Flags/Starred
- New None option in BCC-CC
- New Swipe Gesture with Mouse
- New Shortcut for Empty Trash
- New Extension Today
- New Extension Airmail Share
- New Extension Full Share
- New Extension Action
- New Quick Reply by Default
- New Initialization progress indicator
- New Unified Inbox selective per account
- New Preference to disable Advanced graphics ( Animations, GPU, Vibrancy)

- Improved Keyboard on search
- Improved Preferences
- Improved Exchange NTLM Login
- Improved Search
- Improved Rules
- Improved GAL is now in composer
- Improved Performance 
- Improved Offline Operations 
- Many minor issues fixed

Thank you for all the passionate users that helped the development. Sincerely Thank you

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